‘Chicken Farming in the Living World’ Starts School!

Are you interested in finding out more about how the chicken many of us eat are produced whilst taking a journey to explore the ‘living world’?

If so, a new series of online school resources have been launched, free for use in Australian schools. The ‘Chicken Farming in the Living World’ inquiry-based teaching resource series explores how humans use chickens for meat.  They use videos created by the Australian Chicken Meat Federation Inc. (ACMF) with the supporting teaching resources developed by experienced primary and secondary school teachers.

Chickens are fascinating animals and provide students with interesting subject matter to consider the many aspects of our living world, from the interactions between humans and animals, how we create food from animals, how scientific knowledge influences our living world, right through to understanding what a managed ecosystem looks like in the context of a broader natural ecosystem.

It is important for our industry that such resources are available – to inform and ensure an understanding of how chicken meat is produced while remaining in step with the shift in classroom teaching over recent years, from teacher-led learning and activities to a student-led approach.

The resources reflect the latest updates to the Australian curriculum and offer unique curriculum content within the ’Living World’ strands of the K-10 New South Wales Science syllabuses. These resources are also aligned with the ‘Biological Science’ strand of the Australian curriculum.

The content offers teachers new ready to ‘plug and play’ resources from the ‘Living World’ strand and provide curriculum content tailored to each school stage across primary and secondary school.

The resources address the following questions:

Accessing the resources

Teachers, educators and parents can access the resources via the direct links above or by visiting the ‘School Resources’ page of the ACMF website www.chicken.org.au.

So, if you are interested in science, the living world and understanding more about the fascinating role chickens play, then these resources are for you.  Please follow the links above to explore in more detail.