Angus bull sets new Australian record with $280,000 price tag

The freshly broken national record price for an Angus bull has been broken again by the original record holders.

On Thursday, Millah Murrah Angus stud near Bathurst, in Central West NSW, sold a Black Angus bull for $280,000 to a stud in Dorrigo.

The sale means the stud near Bathurst has reclaimed the title for the most expensive Australian Angus bull — a title it lost just five weeks ago.

In July, an Angus Bull from near Warialda sold for $225,000, breaking Millah Murrah’s original record set in 2019 for $160,000.

YOUTUBEMillah Murrah Angus Lot 11 R38

‘Cattle economy is on warp speed’

The stud principal, Ross Thompson, said he knew the sale would go well but he was ‘stunned’ by the prices.

The new record bull — Paratrooper R38 — was fathered by the former record holder from 2019.

Mr Thompson said he was emotional and relieved the sale went ahead with COVID active in the district.

“You can get a call at any minute to say you’ve been somewhere [with COVID].

“In the last ten days we’ve almost locked ourselves down, but you’ve still got to eat and get supplies.”

Mr Thompson said he was thankful the government has allowed bull sales to go ahead and he hoped other studs can have their sales without too much disruption.

“I was balling my eyes out — thank heavens I had a mask on and a pretty bad pair of sunglasses in the ring.

Buyer over the moon

Brooklana Angus Stud near Dorrigo on the Coffs Coast bought the record bull without seeing the animal in person.

Principal Rodger Pryce, who is also a mayoral candidate for Coffs Harbour at the upcoming local government elections, said the bull would go into semen production in an artificial breeding centre somewhere in Australia, which would be sold all over the world.

“It’s a bit exciting to own both the record price female and the record male in the Angus breed — in Australiasia, Australia and New Zealand.

“Put those two together and then you end up with something quite extraordinary, so that’s very exciting from a genetics point of view.”


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